Make Your Own GORP & List of Low Sodium Trail Mix Ingredients for Inspiration

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Over hill, over dale,

we have hit the dusty trail….

As our stomachs go growling along….

Up and down, in and out, heart and kidneys right about,

Our trail mix keeps us rolling along.

For it’s low-low-you see, that our blood pressure is to be, Shout out our readings loud and strong.

Till our final ride , It will always be our pride

To keep our commitment moving strong….

I know. Please forgive me, as I’ve just completely defiled the original lyrics.  It’s all the inspiration that I could come up with today (other than the recipe and photo).

Our trail mix recipe, or “GORP” formula has long since evolved from good old raisins and peanuts (a.k.a. granola, oats, raisins, and peanuts; or gobs of raw protein) into something more robust and DASH diet friendly (fruits, nuts, and whole grains).

No matter if it’s a seasonal, gourmet, or whatever-happens-to-be-in-my-pantry blend, I still can’t figure out why our GORP always seems to be the first “healthy” snack food to completely disappear when we’re out and about.  Guess it’s good karma…


We generally blend our trail mix using the following proportions:  3 parts dried fruit, 3 parts dried nuts, one part granola, and one part “other” — usually chocolate or candied fruit. Frankly, almost any combination tastes good. Happy Trails!

PS – Keep in mind that these ingredients are high energy and pack a big punch (= serves its’ intended use).

List of Low Sodium Ingredients for Trail/GORP Mix*

Dried Fruit (make sure the manufacturer hasn’t added any sodium)

Dried apples (chopped)
Dried apricots
Dried blueberries
Banana chips
Dried cherries
Dried cranberries
Flaked, unsweetened coconut
Dried dates
Dried figs
Dried peaches
Dried pears
Dried plantain chips
Dried pineapple
Dried prunes

Whole Grains

Low-sodium Granola (or other breakfast cereal)/ toasted rolled oats
(Air popped) Popcorn

Nuts – Un-Shelled, Unsalted, and Pan Roasted (see our blog post for more details on pan roasting nuts– sometimes we toss the roasted nuts in a light sugar mix)

Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds

Other Tasty Morsels
Crystallized Ginger
Candied Orange Peel
Candied Finger Lime

Low sodium marshmallows
Peanut butter chips
Freeze-Dried Yogurt

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Johanna weaves together a love for global foods and wanderlust in Low Sodium Blog. Inspired by her foodie family, who met a number of serious health challenges and adapted to low sodium diets on a turn of a dime, Low Sodium Blog chronicles their (farm) source to table expeditions, culinary travel, low sodium recipes, healthy eating adventures, and more. She and her family live in Los Angeles, California, a great travel hub and culinary playground.

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  1. So cute, Johanna – and such a great recipe suggestion! We make trail mix all the time and typically store it in one of the containers the unsalted nuts came in. Easy to grab and stick in a bag or the car (or much on while watching TV…) I printed out your recipe for granola over Christmas too – looks SO good! Thinking of you, friend! :)

  2. Thanks Christy! We LOVE making/eating granola and trail mix, comes in especially handy when we’re traveling. (We don’t end up feeling desperate – trying to look for low sodium snacks when being out and about can sometimes be quite difficult.) Cheers, J

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